First, users need to install the app and follow the steps described on our SCREENSHOT PAGE (configuration).
In EZSCREENTIMER, users can set different settings depending on their needs. Guardians can choose to let their children manage the time all week or they can decide what the max screen time will be per device per child.
EZSCREENTIMER works by week (from Monday through Sunday). Therefore, it is important to think in advance about how many coins must be assigned per device for the week. Example: if you set a value of 1 coin to 30 mins and your kids may see TV max 2 hours per day (= 4 coins) then set the total number of coins for “TV” at 14 (= 7 days x 4 coins a day).
Assign a device (like a tablet) to your child and that will become the “main device” for using the timer. Whenever your child starts watching TV or playing a game on any console, he or she must toggle the timer on. When they stop playing then they need to toggle the timer off. This way, the system can tell how much playing time is left or how much time they played over.

There are 2 scenarios

If only one tablet is available for many kids:
This tablet should be located in a fixed place (like a dining room table or coffee table in the living room). Your kids need to start the timer before going to play the game or watch television. Then, when the buzzer goes off (5 mins before end time), they must end the game.

If all kids have their own tablet:
They can take their tablets to their room or the location of the game or television, and they will hear the buzzer (they need to stop playing on their own). Every time they toggle on/of their timer you will get a notification on your smartphone so they cannot cheat.

Few tips to keep your kids motivated

  • Inform the kids about the app and why you decided to use it from now on.
  • Now and then give them rewards, for instance, 1 coin for good behavior (like cleaning the table without being asked).
  • Keep it strict – if your child is not following rules or is not turning off games or television as he or she should, reduce their coin allowance. After a while, you will notice that the app becomes “the bad guy” when they need to stop playing rather than you.
  • EZSCREENTIMER will give you more structure but it is IMPORTANT, as a parent, to keep that structure maintained.
  • You may also set tasks or chores to earn coins throughout the week. For example, no coins are awarded until homework is completed or the dishes are washed. Each child can have a list of tasks and the number of coins that are awarded for completing his or her chores. If he or she does not complete tasks or chores, then no coins are awarded.

EZscreenTimer - that's what!

Many screen-limiting applications on the market are good, but only good for just a single device. What happens when your child moves to a different device?