Assign time per device in a fun way!

The unique coin system of EZscreenTimer comes with various colors which can be assigned to each default device that your child might use, like PS4, Xbox, mobile phone and TV to name a few. You can also assign a specific time to each coin to determine how much time should be given per device.

For instance: If 1 coin equals 30 minutes of time value and you want your child to use the iPad only 5 hours a week, then you can assign 10 coins at the beginning of the week. These coins will decrease per the usage by your child.


As a parent, you always want your child to be punctual and disciplined. EZscreenTimer helps you maintain that punctuality by teaching your child the value of time management. You can choose to let your child decide if they can assign coins by selecting ‘Kids may manage time’ or you can set a limit yourself.

EZscreenTimer works from Monday to Sunday. At the end of each week, you will get a notification stating that the time reset for the next week; you can choose to alter it, or you can leave it to default.


Supervision sections of EZscreenTimer consist of the control panel for parents where you can track the screen activity of your child on each device and add or reduce screen time if needed. The Child section, on the other hand, lets your children toggle the timer on and off the main device while doing any on-screen activity.

You can connect unlimited of devices per child to prevent cheating. EZscreenTimer lets you assign the position of "supervisor" to other family members too, so that when you’re busy, they can track the child easily.


As a parent, you don’t like to restrict your child all the time, but you can engage them so that they take the initiative to limit their own screen time and do not cheat. For instance, if your child is playing on his PS4 and they toggle the timer off for some of the time, you will be notified about it.

EZscreenTimer allows you to add unlimited custom predefined messages.

Assign money value

To motivate children and learn the basics of monetary concepts, some parents attach a money value to the coins that, in turn, encourages kids to spend less time on-screen to get some cash.

Parents can decide the value per coin and per device.

Reports by mail

You will receive each week/month a report by mail, which provides an overview of your children’s screen time behavior.

In that way you can compare it with previous periods and act accordingly.


Most children play on various devices like PS4, Wii, Xbox, to name a few. EZscreenTimer gives you instantly a detailed and structured overview of the screen-time spent per child and per device for that day or per week.

Artificial Intelligence
(under construction)

To provide the best customer experience we implemented AI/ML in our system. This way parents can save an enormous amount of time with the right suggestions at the right time can being made.

For example, according to your kid's age we can give suggestions