Simple, all these parent control apps are complementary to EZscreenTimer because they only work on one device at a time, unlike the EZscreenTimer, which can work on all devices at once and has cool features that make it fun-filled to educate your child. EZscreenTimer is just focusing on SCREEN TIME and will not block apps or

EZscreenTimer doesn't block or restrict games, apps, content or certain categories .

When start configuring EZscreenTimer you have the option to choose between COIN based or TIME based setting. It's really up to you how you want to use the app. Some parents don't like to use "coins" as a value (in this case screen time) and prefer to use just time. Other parents like to work with coins, mostly because it's more fun for their kids and they learn to deal with valuation.

Kindly download the EZscreenTimer app via Google play store and install it on your (the parent’s) device. Then follow these instructions.

For now the basic version is free but once our premium version is ready (around september 2020), the price will be € 12/year after a 7 day trial. In that way we can keep developing this app, add features and make it even better.

Yes, you can add multiple parents and caregivers to EZscreenTimer parental control app. That way, they can see the status of coins as well.

Please contact us via our live chat so that we can fix the problem asap! There might be cases like this due to Android and iOS operating system updates.

Was your question answered? If yes, we are glad this helped you. However, if you have more questions that are not covered by our FAQ section, kindly contact us via our live chat, Our customer care agent will respond to you as soon as possible.

It is not necessary to register to see the app's features. When you launch EZscreenTimer on your device, there is a button that asks you if you wish to register later. Feel free to click on the button to skip the registration process.

In that way, you can surf the app to see its features without registering. However, to configure your child device to your parent account, you will need to register.

Aww! We're sad to see you go. You can stop using the app anytime. As a premium member, you can cancel your subscription before the next renewal (monthly/yearly).

EZscreenTimer is currently available for Android and iOS devices

In settings, configuration panel, just go to step 3. There you can select or deselect a device.

In settings, configuration panel, just go to step 3. There you can easily manage your children's profiles.

Of course, yes! Let us assume you have just one Android device jointly used by two children. Your children can switch their account on the device and toggle the timer on/off. Now let us assume again that one of the two children is playing on the PS4 and the other child is watching TV, the two kids can switch to their profile and turn the timer on for the device they are busy with.

EZscreenTimer - A Healthy Solution!

With EZscreenTimer let your kids enjoy their time onscreen in more health-conscious ways.